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Variant Perception offers leading macroeconomic and market insights to clients making trading, investment, inventory management, capital spending and strategic decisions.

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VP Macro

Global macroeconomic trend and market analysis, based on our leading indicators.

> Monthly – Published at the beginning of each month, a detailed look at themes and trends in the global economy and markets.

> Thematics – Breaking in-depth views on our best investment ideas or yearly themes, released as the opportunity arises.

VP Leading

Published monthly, our Leading Indicator Watch is a roundup of our proprietary leading indicator forecasts within the G20.

> Leading Indicator Watch – economic and liquidity indicators arranged by country and in-depth analysis of the US economy by sector including: employment, wages/inflation, housing, consumption, autos, lending/borrowing, recession watches, as well as volatility, credit spreads and the capital cycle.

VP Weekly Update

Short-term portfolio positioning and trade ideas. Tracking of ongoing themes as they develop. Published weekly.

> Weekly Update – A report highlighting a broad suite of tools developed by Variant Perception, helping traders and money managers identify short-term and medium-term opportunities using sentiment and positioning analysis.