A cross-discipline framework

What makes markets tick?

Variant Perception builds predictive investment models by combining timeless axioms with innovative techniques.

We operate at the intersection of market history and data science.

Man + Machine beats Man or Machine Alone.

Built by investors, for investors

Actionable insights based on empirical analysis

Variant Perception's investment portal gives you real time access to our entire arsenal of proprietary models as well as over a decade of written research, webinars and market discussions.

Utilize VP's Tactical Outlook (including LPPL) as a shortcut for identifying trade ideas efficiently. Track VP's Leading Indicators to stay ahead of the business cycle. Trust VP's Capital Cycle to flag the next big idea.
Customize your investment universe, craft personalized rankings, and explore historical factor time series for 14k+ individual stocks, 250+ macro assets and 100+ ETFs
Delve deeper into today's critical investing topics through our comprehensive research
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